Drop – Lessons in design

By: Kelly-Ann Prinsloo – writer

Port Elizabethan, Leigh McLaren, became involved in plumbing design when she realised the impact it can have on water conservation

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Evergreen: inspired by scripture to imitate nature

By: Kelly-Ann Prinsloo – writer

Murray Sharp, a previous winner and runner-up of the Cobra Design competition, took first place at this year’s competition with his out-of-the-box design, Evergreen

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Why is it taking so long to get our panels in a row?

By: Benjamin Brits – operations manager of IMD

A personal account of how a failing national electricy grid is affecting South Africa’s homeowners and why solar power is the way forward

With all the persistently and increasingly bad headlines about electricity supply in South Africa, are we becoming de-sensitised to the electricity crisis that is on our hands? I think we are...

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Down the drain

By: Sloan Valve Company

The PERC I study demonstrates that pipe slope, flush volumes and toilet paper determine what goes down the drain.

The Plumbing Efficiency Research Coalition (PERC 1) study seeks to apply a scientific approach towards a better understanding of drain line function under lower flow conditions so that the plumbing industry can work proactively to prevent widespread blockages from becoming a reality.

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