Functional design, elegant form

By: Kelly-Ann Prinsloo – writer

Our final Cobra Design winner’s profile features Leigh McClaren, who took home the gold in 2013 for the clean lines, elegant design and eco-friendly plumbing that make up her innovative mixer, Ceramic Lace

Leigh McClaren (27) was born in Cape Town and raised in Port Elizabeth, where she studied architecture at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. She became involved in plumbing design when she realised what an impact design can make on water conservation.

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Tendering in engineering and associated fields

By: Basil Mugwagwa of Aspen Pharmacare

We take a look at the nitty-gritty of tender processes

Tendering is the process of making an offer, bid or proposal, or expressing interest in response to an invitation or request for tender. It can also be defined as making a formal written offer to carry out work, supply goods or buy land, shares or another asset for a stated fixed price, usually within a finite period of time. The tendering process is generally utilised for procurements or contracts involving substantial amounts of money. In this article we take a more contractor-centric approach to the tendering process.

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iSave helps you save water

Water preservation is a hot-button topic right now as water restrictions kick in around the world, from the US to Brazil and India. Saving water starts with awareness – of how much is being used and how much is being wasted. Conserving our most precious resource can become par for the course by simply installing the right products and technology in homes and businesses.

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And then the water flowed

The number of innovations in bathroom fixtures these past few years have been staggering. Temperature adjustment, filtration, and new materials are just a few that come to mind.

Singaporean designer, Kai Tan, designed a tap fixture that would complement the minimalist design she calls Tapware. The design calls for an inverted cone that compactly folds up nearly flat to wall. Tapware unfolds the cone to a 135° angle when tapped. The inverted shape forms the spout and reveals a knob, which allows for temperature adjustment.

tapware2 Tapware

This tap’s design is chic, modern, minimalist and, let’s be honest, downright cool.

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