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Follow up on – Quo Vadis?

Following on the last newsletter where we pointed out that more positive approach to IOPSA and PIRB is needed, we take it a step further and suggest that members take their responsibility in guiding IOPSA in the direction they believe it should go in. It is your representative body but it cannot function in isolation. It is the members that must give it direction because you make up the whole, which is greater than the parts.

Today, now, immediately, please think of one thing IOPSA should be doing for you and send it to us at . We will pass it on.

There is no suggestion too small, or worse, too stupid. Each and every suggestion is valuable.

One positive small step as a member will be to the benefit of all.

In anticipation - thank you for your response.

Important notice from Plumbing Online 

The Post Office (SAPO) strike has affected everyone and no one more so than the publishing industry. Government would have us believe that it is only the last seven weeks and this is another lie they are peddling. SAPO has failed to live up to their motto, “we deliver whatever it takes” with stunning success for the last three years. The last seven weeks has been the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

As a company that lives on providing the best service to our readers and advertisers, we apologise for the delay in receiving your publications which has got steadily worse since three years ago.

The Minister responsible does not respond, the Minister before did not respond, SAPO does not respond and the Communication Worker’s Union (CWU) deny any responsibility applying the ‘me, myself and I’ principle which is another way of saying … ‘up yours’ to its customers. These clowns believe it is OK to burn mail and behave in a boorish manner like the bunch of hooligans they are and Government and the police do nothing – only fuelling the thinking that such behaviour is acceptable.

In general, the gross incompetence of SAPO, the survival of smaller publishers as well a distribution houses, who employ many people, hangs in the balance. The CEO of SAPO is now on sick leave (full pay, etc.) the individual responsible for business mail at SAPO has been suspended. (Too little too late and no doubt also on full pay.)

We are seriously looking at alternative distribution solutions and ask you assist us by supplying your physical address to where your publication can be delivered. Submit your details here.

WPC 2016 – save the dates

The 11th World Plumbing Conference (WPC 2016) is two years away and your committee has been hard at work bringing details to the point where we can start talking about the nitty gritty. Far from being a talk show, WPC 2016 will be a hive of activity for plumbers and engineers. The conference will engage delegates in WATER, ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT and HEALTH and look at regulations for a sustainable plumbing sector. Delegates will be part of exciting breakaway sessions that will enable them to be part of the outcomes. In addition there will be an exhibition which will showcase new products and developments across the wide spectrum of plumbing and new areas that plumbers should be involved with to boost their profitablilty and perhaps reclaim some of their lost ground. The exhibition will be open to visitors who wish to see only the exhibition and skills competition and this is at no charge.

WPC 2016

There will be a space for those with new inventions in the form of a poster display as well as a skills competition at which the South African National champion will be selected to represent SA at the International World Skills Competition. Yes SA plumbing is back in world skills!

Finally there will be a workshop on ’Doing business in Africa’.

For those in South Africa opportunity will be provided for ‘day visitors’ to attend parts of the conference. We fully understand that plumbers are called upon at all hours, hence this allowance for locals.

The conference is central to the whole event and for those serious about plumbing and their future, attendance is a must.

You will shortly receive the call for papers as we believe that many SA plumbers have much to share with the world, the registration form will offer early bird discounts and specials for IOPSA members.

CIRCLE THE DATES 15/16 SEPTEMBER 2016 IN CAPE TOWN in your diaries now!

Watch this space.

SAPPMA announces new board of directors

The Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association (SAPPMA) used the occasion of its 10th Annual General Meeting held in Midrand recently, to announce exciting changes to the association’s Board of Directors and the winners of the Association’s 2014 Merit Awards. Commenting on SAPPMA’s successes and highlights of the past year, SAPPMA chairman Jan Venter said they had seen evidence that the association’s hard work to ensure quality standards are being adhered to, is paying off. Read more

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