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Skelm poster set by IOPSA

IOPSA recently launched four posters, commonly referred to as the Skelm Poster set. 


The idea behind this was not so much to take the mickey out of those who stand on corners and next to certain stores touting for business, but to reinforce the need to do plumbing within the regulations. The regulations are the LAW. There are other discussions going on but as it stands now, until the law changes, these regulations stand. Rather let us support them by directing them towards becoming trained. How about IOPSA regions adopting these guys and give them training on Saturdays, for example.

A big thumbs up  to those merchants, IOPSA regions, and others who are distributing these and placing them on the walls of their showrooms and trade counter areas. Thanks to those who have asked for more.

A big thumbs down to those merchants and building depots who refused to put them up. Why, simply because these “skelms” doing plumbing work illegally are these stores that supply non-compliant materials. So they are just as much to be called skelms because they are bastardising the very industry that has for many years supported them and kept you in business. Yes, so you are going to argue that there is no law stopping you from selling such garbage. True, but really, to sell something that you know is non-compliant to an unsuspecting person is criminal.

So all, when you go into a shop to buy plumbing goods that fall under the mandatory regulations and you see no posters ask why –walk out, as by staying you will become party to this crime of supplying non-compliant goods. Makes one think. Read more

Important notice from Plumbing Online 

The Post Office (SAPO) strike has affected everyone and no one more so than the publishing industry. Government would have us believe that it is only the last eleven weeks and this is another lie they are peddling. SAPO has failed to live up to their motto, “we deliver whatever it takes” with stunning success for the last three years. The last eleven weeks has been the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

As a company that lives on providing the best service to our readers and advertisers, we apologise for the delay in receiving your publications which has got steadily worse since three years ago.

The Minister responsible does not respond, the Minister before did not respond, SAPO does not respond and the Communication Worker’s Union (CWU) deny any responsibility applying the ‘me, myself and I’ principle which is another way of saying … ‘up yours’ to its customers. These clowns believe it is OK to burn mail and behave in a boorish manner like the bunch of hooligans they are and Government and the police do nothing – only fuelling the thinking that such behaviour is acceptable.

In general, the gross incompetence of SAPO, the survival of smaller publishers as well a distribution houses, who employ many people, hangs in the balance. The CEO of SAPO is now on sick leave (full pay, etc.) the individual responsible for business mail at SAPO has been suspended. (Too little too late and no doubt also on full pay.)

We are seriously looking at alternative distribution solutions and ask you assist us by supplying your physical address to where your publication can be delivered. Submit your details here.

IOPSA National Golf Day

IOPSA’s national golf day was held at the Kyalami Country Club on 4 November. Plumbing Africa was present and pleased to report that all had a good time, particularly thanks to the presence of comedian Jason Goliath, MC for the evening. Look out for the next publication of Plumbing Africa for more pictures and the first, second and third prize winners.

Plastics SA AGM 

Plastics SA hosted its annual general meeting in Midrand recently, during which the association looked back at the highlights and successes of the past year. “The SA plastics industry is currently in the throes of one of the most challenging periods in its history,” says Plastics SA executive director Anton Hanekom.  “Not only are we facing increased electricity, transport, and raw material costs on the local front, but the sharp increase in imports also poses a very real threat to our progress”. Read more

A water scarce country

South Africa is a drinking water-scarce country with it being a problem in many communities, says President Jacob Zuma. "South Africa is rapidly growing into a potable water-scarce country, particularly due to broader changes which are caused by climate change and global warming," Zuma said in a speech prepared for delivery in Giyani, Limpopo. "As a result, many countries experience varying extremes such as floods and drought." It was not only Limpopo that faced drinking water problems. Other provinces also had drinking water shortages."Where there is a shortage of potable water, sanitation is also poor and consequently health is affected," he says. Read more. 

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