What is plumbing prefabrication?

Plumbing prefabrication is an innovative plumbing solution braking away from old-school ‘break and build’.

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With over 30 years’ experience under their belt, Dells Plumbing Group is certainly qualified to determine the cost effectiveness of commercial plumbing prefabrication. The ‘break and build’ approach to construction and plumbing involved breaking the walls and then breaking sections in the newly built walls to install pipes, followed by rebuilding of the walls upon completion of the installation.

According to Dells Plumbing Group, prefabricated plumbing allows for pipes to be custom built to suit the site and project, before being installed during the building process – making the whole process quicker, easier and more cost effective.


  • Saves time
    You can work on two phases of construction at once – and by not using the ‘break-and-build’ method you save on installation time too!
  • Pressure tested
    Pressure test off-site to ensure that there are no complications once installed. This again saves time on the construction site as it reduces time spent on the site.
  • Reduces risk
    Fewer workers will be needed on site for shorter periods of time. This means that access control and risk assessment is much simpler because of the reduced risk.

Source: Dells Plumbing Group


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