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It’s about your business!

It’s about your business!

By Rory Macnamara
Plumbers are in the water business and can make money from it if done correctly.

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Tips for tendering

Uwe Putlitz

By Uwe Putlitz*
Tendering for building work requires careful deliberation to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

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The power of one

The managing director of Franke South Africa, Craig McIntyre, tells Plumbing Africa what gets him up in the morning, and talks about the recent merger between Franke Kitchen Systems and Franke Water Heating.

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How to become a better plumbing contractor

Know the trade

A successful plumbing contractor business seldom consists of a single employee, and it’s exciting to be so busy that you need to hire workers. Things change once you become a business owner.

Know the skills of the trade inside and out. Although you won’t be performing plumbing duties directly, you need to know every aspect of each process and service. That means, don't give up your day job as a plumber until you have enough hands-on experience to run your own business. You need to provide guidance and training to your employees, be current on building codes and how they change, and learn from your fellow tradespeople before you open your own shop.


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