Dedication, passion and customer service

ITD, in business for over 15 years, is driven by dedication, passion and customer service

ITD was founded in February 2001 by Terry Rendel, who has been in the plumbing industry since 1977. He began his plumbing experience as a plumber in England and then, upon his return to South Africa in 1986, joined the Boumat group.

Where it all began
Rendel’s company began when both he and the Italtile group realised that there was a need to supply the group’s retail stores with exclusive brands and ranges.

Originally known as Tivoli Taps (Pty) Ltd, the company created the Tivoli brand, which carries a 10 year guarantee. The company soon acquired other tap brands and, in March 2004, changed its name to International Tap Distributors (ITD). This move catered for further growth with the addition of these new Tap brands as well as to allow the addition of other brands in the future. ITD is one of the only multi-branded tap companies in South Africa.

In a second major move to secure its position in the market, ITD partnered with the Italtile group, which became a major shareholder in 2005, with an 80% stake in ITD. This allowed ITD to provide an integrated supply chain for the retail outlets of the group, namely Italtile, CTM and Top T, while providing ITD with a solid and sustainable customer base and a financially-sound partner.

This partnership has paved the way for incredible growth over a short period of time by combining the resources of know-how, financial backing and a sustainable mass marketing campaign.

Products and services
The first exclusive tap brand to be introduced, after Tivoli, was Amalfi, which is exclusive to CTM. The Cascade brand was launched soon after, followed by the Diva brand, which was created for the Top T stores.

The group set up a state-of-the-art training centre on the ITD premises and, together with a 150-seater auditorium and computer training centre, provides product knowledge and computer, plumbing and sales training to the 1 300 people in the Italtile group. A ‘live water’ plumbing section is the backbone of this initiative and is helping to educate the staff, especially the many workers who hail from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

In the future
Today, ITD is one of the leading suppliers of taps, shower fittings and accessories in Southern Africa. It is the number one importer from Italy. With leading brands, state of the art warehousing and the SAP computer system, ITD is geared to provide a world-class service to their customers for many years to come. Spare parts and an on-site back-up service are available throughout the country. Our vision is to become one of the leading suppliers in our sector with high-quality products at exceptional prices!

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  •  “Dedication, passion and customer service are the drivers of our company”
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