How to expand your African footprint

The last of our African updates involves you, as you grow and expand your business into the African sphere. Dawn Ltd has been fairly successful in this arena and so, Shelley Galliver, Dawn International’s marketing and business development director, tells you what you need to know before venturing off into the great beyond.

Dawn has a large African footprint now, but there are many South African companies that are only just venturing out past South Africa’s borders. Is there any advice you can give them that is general to Africa, or is an ‘African’ operation country-specific?
Each country, market, product needs to be assessed and understood before simply entering the market or it can be a harsh learning curve. Understand the competition in the market as well. Africa is not so remote and they already have a lot of businesses and product available. So if you are only going into the market now, chances are they already have a solution in place. So you need to know what you will do differently, what is your unique selling feature and benefits. Dawn has the group brands like Cobra, Vaal, Libra, Gardena, Hamiltons, Promax, and Accent, to name a few; that are a massive advantage. Also having feet on the ground in country, we are able to offer product knowledge, training, back up service and support. This is what sets us apart.

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