Mario Jonker: following in his father’s footsteps

By Fiona Ingham.


From working at a plumbing supplier during school holidays and getting to know bulk water distribution in a municipality, to serving on the PIRB national executive board, Mario Jonker has traversed the breadth of the industry.



“My business in Port Elizabeth had a good reputation; so too does my business in Stilbaai. I am meticulous in my dealings with clients and the works I carry out, using only quality SABS products. I make every effort to remain knowledgeable about the trade and its products by attending manufacturers’ workshops. I also keep up to date with new regulations,” says Jonker.



“I have been a member of Iopsa since 1998 and was chairman for the Eastern Cape from 2001 to 2002. At present, I am an Iopsa co-ordinator for the Hessequa region of the southern Cape, and serve on the Iopsa regional committee as technical advisor/support.”

Jonker also served on both the Joint Acceptance Scheme for Water Services Installation Components (Jaswic) and the SABS committee — he was involved in some of the standards still in use today. He has been a member of PIRB for six years, the establishment of which was high on the Iopsa agenda during his tenure in the Eastern Cape. In addition, he has served on the PIRB national executive board since 2013. He has been a resident of Stilbaai for 12 years, and is regarded as one of the more knowledgeable plumbers in town, just as he was in Port Elizabeth.



“I began promoting the installation of solar water heating systems in Port Elizabeth and surrounds in 1992 and recently also encouraged the installation of heat pumps in the Stilbaai area,” says Jonker. “I have attended manufacturers’ courses for both, as provided by numerous companies. I attended two further courses, offered by Watersmith, in Cape Town at the end of May 2012, both on solar heating systems and heat pumps. I recently completed the heat pump trade test in George,” says Jonker.

“I would like to see the plumbing industry take its place among the top industries in the country. For this to happen, the starting point would be the registration of plumbers, followed by this acceptance by the state, municipalities, architects, engineers and other industry players. We, as plumbers, must earn the respect of industry by knowing, understanding and applying our regulations as PIRB members.”




“I would like to see the plumbing industry take its place among the top industries in the country.”



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