Jason Janse van Rensburg:every day holds a new adventure

Jason Janse van Rensburg is a team leader at Burgess and Partners.


Jason is a plumber at Burgess and Partners, where he was recently made a team leader. Together, they cover more projects and serve more customers faster. His responsibilities are vast, but in a nutshell, he applies his knowledge and experience to repair, replace, install, refurbish, quote, and invoice all sanitation related requirements. Being a team leader means he ensures his team delivers the same quality and pride in their work as he does.

Janse van Rensburg matriculated in 2010 from Wynberg Boys High School in Cape Town. “I thought I would never amount to anything without tertiary education,” he reveals. He started at Burgess and says that he hasn’t looked back since. “Only when I entered the plumbing industry did doors start to open. I am now in my final year of my apprenticeship and after that, even more doors will open. I don’t know whether this counts, but I also have level 8 Pokemon trainer ‘education’!”

“Each day holds a new adventure and no day is ever like another.” He says he wakes up every day not knowing what challenges he will face and finds great satisfaction in resolving each of them.

This young plumber says that he only sees greatness ahead. His goal is to make sure he never stops absorbing experience and knowledge to deliver quality service continuously. “The ladder is high in this industry and I plan on climbing it to the top. Every satisfied client gives me pride and encouragement, no matter how big or small the project may be.”

It is important to have passion for what you do, he says. When he is repairing, replacing, or installing, he is creating with his hands. He is lucky to be doing what he loves and to get paid for it. But enjoying what you do is a choice. “You are responsible for your own career satisfaction. It takes hard work and constant self-motivation to turn your job into a passion, but the rewards that come with this choice bring riches greater than money.”


 “No day is ever like another. I wake up every day not knowing what challenges I will face and find great satisfaction in resolving each of them.”


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