Youth in Plumbing: Seun Makhubeli

The promise of being well paid is the reason nineteen-year-old Seun Makhubeli decided on  plumbing as his vocation. He also says he also chose the trade because of the huge demand for it. 


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Youth in Plumbing: Shailock Mhangani

He says he grew up in the trade his mother has been a plumber for the past 24 years. She works in the Department of Public Works in Limpopo. “When I was young, I used to help her on weekends. Now, she is thinking of starting her own business.”

Mhangani likes the challenge the trade presents and he also likes that fact that he can help South Africa to deal with its serious water shortages, by helping to repair leaks. “There are so many leaks to be fixed in the townships, he says. “It is far better to fix leaks that to have to buy water, as it is becoming expensive. “

His advice to other young people wanting to enter the trade is that they need to train properly before they start. “You need to know what type of pipe goes below ground and which one goes above ground.”

Youth in Plumbing: Comfort Matshohe

 “I joined the trade so that when clients work with me, they have no regrets.”

He says he likes the challenge of plumbing and he finds it interesting to work with different people. Matshohe is passionate about the trade and says there’s nothing he doesn’t like about it. “I don’t like working with cold water in winter!” he laughs.

What advice does he have for others wanting to enter the trade? “They must have a passion for the trade and they need to be ambitious! They should not rush their jobs. If you love your job, all else will follow.“


Youth#2 Comfort

Young people in plumbing


To commemorate Youth Week, we will profile one young plumber each day.

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Sherwyn Norton: plumbing solution-provider

Sherwyn Norton, owner of SKN Plumbing Solutions in Durban, has a creative eye and loves the industry he serves.

By Kelly-Ann Prinsloo

Sherwyn Norton, owner of SKN Plumbing Solutions in Durban, has a creative eye and loves the industry he serves.

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Garth Scott: a Modl plumber

Garth Scott began his plumbing career in 1997, when he began his N2 qualification at the Durban Technical College. Now a fully-qualified plumber, Scott passed his exams and became a registered Durban Metro contractor. He is also a qualified solar and heat pump installer.

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