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Easy to install clamp-on flow meter

Easy to install clamp-on flow meter

The WD series of clamp-on ultrasound flow meters from Flexim, available locally from Actum Industrial, can be installed single-handedly without the need for lifting or cutting tools.

The installation of conventional flow meters, such as magnetic inductive meters, can be a cumbersome and cost-intensive process. Its heavy weight necessitates lifting equipment and therefore additional workers during the installation process.

The clamp-on ultrasound flow meters of the WD series are installed without supply interruption, just like every other Flexim flow meter. There is no interference with the pipe during the installation process. The overall installation costs of a Flexim flow meter are, therefore, lower than that of a conventional flow meter.

Once the Flexim meter is installed, it remains permanently drift-free and keeps delivering excellent measurement results, thanks to its outstanding engineering and highly advanced signal evaluation algorithms.

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