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Hydronic underfloor heating

Currently under construction in Cape Town’s Constantia suburb is an excellent example of a full-blown automated home that incorporates the latest energy saving elements, off-grid and sellable power capability, security and comfort features. 

Suppliers and installers of these high technology aspects of modern living are Greenability Installations, who have chosen the Viega system of Fonterra hydronic underfloor heating and cooling to maintain comfort levels in this 1 000m2 double storey home.

Rudi Junge, a partner in Greenability, explains how the underfloor system works and the benefits of hydronic (water based) heating and cooling systems.

“The Viega system includes special polybutylene piping that is imbedded into the insulated floor screed, through which the heated or cooled water is circulated, giving up to or absorbing heat from the living space. The system design comprises various zones or areas of the house that can be individually controlled. In this application, more than 4km of polybutylene piping was used in 50 circuits feeding about 15 zones on both the ground and first floors.

“Zone piping terminates in one or more manifolds, which house valves that control the water flow to the individual zones. These valves in turn are controlled via signals sent from room thermostats that are set to the desired temperature comfort level.”

For more information, contact +27 (0) 83 645 0059.

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