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Camera of truth

product3The new FLIR Ex-Series of entry-level thermal imaging cameras are true cameras, not instruments that simply take spot temperature measurements or use blended techniques.

FLIR Systems’ patented MSX-technology provides exceptional image quality in real time. This results in pin-sharp thermal images, quicker target orientation, and clean reports. As the FLIR Ex-Series is designed for those who are new to thermal imaging they are exceptionally easy to use. FLIR Tools software is available for free download by all FLIR Ex-Series users, allowing thermal images and associated data to be imported to a PC for basic reporting and analysis. For those who need greater analysis capability, FLIR Tools+ is optionally available.

For more information contact 0027 (0)11 704 2233

Robust fittings

product1The Latis range from Cobra’s Classic collection offers robust fittings for a kitchen or bathroom that allows for eco-friendly living spaces. The Latis range includes water-saving, anti-splash aerators, and lever-style handles that facilitate easy flow and temperature control.

For more information contact 0861 21 21 21

Economical and crime-proof

product4 janAn innovative solution saves costs and reduces theft. Municipalities in South Africa can significantly reduce the ever-present threat of manhole cover theft by adopting a range of innovative National Manhole Covers (NMC) polymer resin manhole covers - distributed nationwide by Incledon.

NMC manhole covers are manufactured from a composite material that is bound together by resin and fibreglass, which has no scrap value whatsoever. This material can prove to be invaluable for local municipalities, as the biggest challenge with traditional cast iron manhole covers is the fact that they can be sold for up to R500 at local scrap dealers.

For more information contact 0027 (0)11 323 0800

Celebrating our heritage

product3 janCobra’s aptly named Heritage Collection is a range of contemporary single lever mixers inspired by the beauty of South Africa’s landscape and the country’s abundant fauna and flora. With the ranges taking their inspiration from nature, there are subtle similarities between the mixers and their namesakes. ‘Karoo’ is minimalist and clean-cut with a stark beauty, while Protea has soft, curving levers and spouts that mimic petals.

Where Tugela has organic flowing lines, Nyala’s triangular form reflects the characteristic head shape of this antelope. The solid Baobab is sturdy; its mixers boasting robust ‘trunks’.

For more information contact 0027 (0)861 21 21 21

Bolt it down

product2 janBMG’s new Superbolt multi-jackbolt tensioners, which form part of the Nord-Lock range, are designed to reduce downtime and eliminate unsafe and laborious bolting methods for pumps and pumping equipment.

These new multi-jackbolt tensioners replace or retrofit nuts and bolts on pumps and only require hand or air tools for installation and removal of any size tensioner.

Bolts on pumps and pumping equipment need to be easily removable during maintenance procedures, but must resist the loosening effects of vibrations and dynamic loads. This quick and efficient bolting method is based on a design which splits one big torque into a number of smaller ones. Superbolt ensures joints can be tightened with high accuracy, without the need for specialist skills or heavy tooling.

For more information contact 0027 (0)31 576 6221

The science of filtration

product1 janWater Purification Chemicals & Plant (WPCP) manufactures a range of pressure filters, designed for the removal of suspended solids and other impurities from water and wastewater in industrial and municipal water treatment programmes.

WPCP’s single and dual media pressure filters are used for the removal of colour and suspended solids, to ensure water is efficiently purified for human consumption, generally down to a turbidity level of less than 0.5 NTU, or, effluent disposal with suspended solids (SS) removal down to less than 0.1 PPM.

These pressure filters efficiently remove materials like iron, manganese, colloids, and other precipitates in ground or surface water.

For more information contact 0027 (0)31 502 3310

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