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An evaluation of leak-detection technologies

By: Qishi Chen and Tony Kateryniuk – C-Fer Technologies

In order to detect small leaks, external leak-detection systems generally require the installation of supplementary hardware placed alongside the pipeline.

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Ease and precision

The choice of shower becomes child’s play with Hansgrohe’s Select technology for easy switching on and off at the touch of a button. The ShowerSelect mixers are suitable for water pipes under a standard pressure, a constant water pressure is then ensured for greats showering pleasure. The temperature can be set with ease and precision thanks to the distinct ergonomic handle design.

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For a safer working and living environment

Manholes 4 Africa manufacture high quality manhole covers and frames. Manufactured to international standards, the company utilise the most eco-friendly methods and materials, whilst ensuring customer expectations are both met and surpassed. The company ensure a safe working and living environment, empowering communities through job creation.

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Concrete cutting

Projects that require the cutting away of sections of large concrete walls such as caissons can make use of Diamond Products Orange razor wire. The 11mm closed loop wire contains 40 diamond beads per metre, and is rotated at 28-m-per-second by a 37kW 380 Vmachine. A 360-degree swivelling head allows for horizontal and vertical cutting through thick concrete structures with the wire.

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It’s covered

The Tekflo range of ductile iron access covers and frames, available from fluid conveyance and solutions provider Incledon, offer a 60% weight saving over traditional cast iron. An added benefit of using ductile iron is that it removes the economic incentive for the theft of manhole covers, which incurs significant replacement costs for municipalities and local authorities.

Theft of access covers also poses a serious health and safety risk, and therefore the Tekflo range is supplied standard with a patented locking mechanism. The Tekflo range has SANS 50124:1994 (Ductile Iron) accreditation, a comprehensive specification for gully and access covers for vehicular and pedestrian areas. The Tekflo range includes snap-lock, rotating wedge lock and hinged grate and frame versions.

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Getting to the bottom of it

The JD7 Investigator available through SA Leak Detection is designed as a leak detection tool; the powerful sonde inside the camera head as well as its ability to be inserted into a live water main makes this unit the perfect tool for a project of which its water supply cannot be turned off.

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Mood impact

A mood light should be planned as a third light source in the bathroom. This lighting provides light and is itself an object of contemplation, such as the mirror of the new Duravit series Cape Cod by Philippe Starck: The broad, all-round LED light frames the mirror, accentuates the bathroom and can be dimmed via infrared sensor. The option to change the color temperature by dimming has a huge impact on our mood: A fresher color temperature in the morning helps us wake up and a cooler light in the evening calms us down.

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