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A professional finish


Flashband has been exclusively distributed locally through Kahn & Kahn for approximately 40 years. Flashband offers the same highly professional finish to sealing and flashing work that would be expected of an expert on a construction site.

The Flashband strips are easy to use and are available in a variety of sizes that reduce the need for any cutting. Sealing gutters, down pipes and chimneys and pipe vents is a task that can be accomplished easily and efficiently.

Each Flashband strip has an aluminium facing, backed with a pressure-sensitive sealing compound. This compound is protected by a special siliconised release paper which is removed before use. Once applied, it can be left to face all weather conditions without further attention.

For more information contact 0027 (0)86 132 6291

Brilliant blade


An innovative new design makes Jaguar the first blade capable of achieving chip-free dry cutting of porcelain and ceramic tiles. It has been introduced locally by Diamond Products – a specialist in the manufacture, assembly and sale of diamond tools and equipment for industrial applications.

The trend of utilising hard porcelain tiles is a challenge for professional contractors such as plumbers, tilers and builders, who consume considerable amounts of water during the cutting process in order to avoid costly chipping. The unique and patented Jaguar blade segment design offers improved versatility of application, increased cutting speed and improved cooling to enable dry cutting on porcelain and ceramic tiles, in addition to granite, marble, travertine and artificial stone.

For more information contact 0027 (0)11 552 8310

Stop breaking concrete

The Sanicompact, available through Saniflo, is a toilet with a built-in macerator that is ideal for tight spots where conventional toilets can't fit. It even features a wash-basin inlet and needs no cistern to make the most of the smallest spaces.

There is no need for a drain next to it; you can install Sanicompact anywhere you wish to get an extra half-bathroom, as it grinds and pumps waste through a discharge pipe that can access the nearest existing sewer line.
This modern shaped, self-contained macerating toilet is very efficient. It was designed with several considerations in mind such as limited space, water saving and for people with physical limitations requiring easy access to a toilet

For more information contact 0027 (0)21 286 0028

In-wall flush cistern

The Tropea S sound-proof in-wall flush cistern, available through Valsir, has a number of features that include a rotating water connection for a fast and simple installation, 100% accessible connection, internal components made of materials that delay the attack of limestone and extreme versatility i.e. it is suitable for mechanical, electronic and pneumatic activation systems.

For more information contact 0027 (0)11 609 8284


Less is more

eeziFone is a new unique voice communications device that seamlessly combines the fundamentals of mobile phone technology with simplicity, convenience, and affordability.

This phone is only 7mm thick (the size of a credit card), weighing a mere 40g and offers just enough in terms of mobile communications. The user interface removes the need for a screen making the eeziFone robust and durable. The phone can be dropped from a second-storey window onto concreate and it will still be able to make a call. With no screen to drain the battery, eeziFone offers a three-day standby and a shut-off switch that can extend the battery life for as long as a year, making it the perfect emergency communication tool. Ideal for contractors or those away on site most of the time.

For more information, contact 0027 (0)11 807 7963.

Accurate detection


Utility location today is no longer a luxury; it is becoming a necessity. New legislation in many countries around the world, including South Africa, makes it mandatory for a property owner to establish site safety before excavation or demolition.

The Sewerin UT9000 uses a generated electromagnetic field to locate and mark the position of any potentially dangerous utilities on the excavation site. Electrical cables, metallic pipes, communication lines etc can be mapped accurately.

New features of the UT9000 include the ability to digitally estimate horizontal offset and depth of a utility, direction of current flow, remote control of the transmitter frequency, and Bluetooth GPS integration. The UT9000 also won a prestigious Red Dot honourable mention for its product design.

For more information, contact 0027 (0)11 425 3379


Turning up the heat


The Dremel Versa Flame is ideal for DIY projects such as soldering, melting, welding and shrinking.

The Dremel VersaFlame is powered by liquid butane gas for quick heat-up and fast recharge, and the flame lock button enables continuous hands-free work. The Versa Flame is perfect for DIY applications, including; hard soldering, welding, paint removal and shrinking of large insulation pipe.

It comes standard with a catalyst, soldering tip, flame extension piece and deflector.

For more information, contact 0027 (0)11 651 9600

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