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Elegant grey

Grey is the mysterious unknown quantity in the colour palette and is the ideal partner for the modern bathroom. Its restrained character gives it a certain elegance and charm. It comes to the fore most effectively when combined with more strident colours.

Bathroom furniture fronts from the Ketho range, available through Duravit, in dark anthracite or the linen look of Happy D.2 ideally set off the white ceramics. For the guest bathroom the Oak Anthracite surface of the 2nd floor range is the perfect complement. The choice accessories give a nuanced finish, making it possible to customise the bathroom for different styles and tastes. Say goodbye to grey days.

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Fresh air for everyone

Second in the bathroom – tough luck! Not anymore, with Geberit’s DuoFresh unit which extracts the smell straight from the toilet bowl. Geberit takes design and innovation beyond the surface with the DuoFresh and its exceptional functionality.

Geberit DuoFresh brings a whole new freshness to the bathroom as it extracts nasty odours from the bathroom without you even knowing it is there, as it’s cleverly concealed within the cistern behind the wall. Even a bathroom that is poorly ventilated will be left with pure fresh air, as active carbon filters clean the air and resupply it to the room. The energy-saving odour extraction unit is activated by a touch of the button located on the upper edge of the Sigma40 flush plate and switches off automatically after 10 minutes or you can switch it off yourself.

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No pipe dream

Water infrastructure can be substantially improved with 600mm coated steel pipes that feature a 6mm wall thickness, bevel-ended three-layer polyethylene (3LPE) coating.

Incledon steel pipes feature a solvent-free epoxy (Sigmaline) lining to provide improved resistance against water. The Sigmaline lining also ensures greater strength and durability of the buried pipeline. What's more, it is also cost effective without compromising on performance.

For enhanced protection, the steel pipes also feature a 3LPE coating. The 3LPE system is applied first by coating bare steel pipe with a primer, then applying a fusion-bonded epoxy coat over the primer, and lastly a finishing coat of polyethylene.

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Talking tanks

The best way to avoid the inconvenience of water interruptions is to install a JoJo tank.

The 750ℓ JoJo Slimline buffer tank is a lifesaver during water shortages and can provide an emergency water supply for up to 48 hours. Increase your storage capacity for an extended water supply by either linking a few Slimline tanks together or choosing a bigger JoJo tank.

Buffer tank installation options include:

  • Installation in line with the municipal mains water supply, supplemented with a pressure-sensing device and a downstream pressure pump;
  • Fitting the tank with a ball valve and a pressure pump; or
  • Use as is, simply pour the water from the tank tap into a bucket.

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The core of it

Diamond Products is a specialist in the manufacture, assembly, and sale of diamond tools and equipment for the plumbing industry. 

The Diamond Products range of Shibuya core drills and diamond segmented core drills have proven to be popular in the local plumbing industry.

The Shibuya range of core drills that are ideally-suited for plumbing are available in two models ranging from 12mm to 60mm, and 60mm to 120mm. These drills are lightweight, easy to handle, and extremely robust, making them suitable for a variety of applications, including balustrading, air conditioning, fire protection, and anchor drilling.

For more information contact 0027 (0)11 552 8310

Lighting up your bathroom

Geberit Monolith sanitary modules have introduced a breath of fresh air into the world of bathroom design. Now, Geberit is presenting additional convenient functions for the Geberit Monolith sanitary module for toilets: an effective odour extraction unit, a discreet orientation light and electronic actuator buttons.

Whether it’s used in a guest- or family bathroom, an effective odour extraction unit provides a welcome dose of freshness and promotes a feeling of wellbeing.

The Geberit Monolith Plus reveals additional innovative functions: at night, a slender LED light bar provides discreet, indirect light as soon as someone approaches the toilet.

Elegant, piezoelectric soft-touch buttons also guarantee an exceptionally convenient and high-quality flush actuation. The closed aluminium surface created around them is hygienic and can be cleaned easily.

For more information contact 0027 (0)11 444 5070

Alliance launches new Combo Heat Pump unit

Although Alliance have been supplying local installers with Combo Heat Pump units with CE and IEC certifications for several years, the company is now bringing in an updated model specifically for South African conditions. This unit recently received SANS 151 approval.

Since the “Energy Usage in Building Regulations (XA2)” law came into being requiring all new buildings to have 50% of their hot water supplied by means other than electrical element heating, sales of Alliance Heat Pumps have increased rapidly.

Developers and builders are finding it a convenient way to ensure compliance with XA2 regulations as it is easily installed without the need for complicated plumbing work. It can be located on balconies, under carports, or under a cover outdoors, while top inlet/outlet vents allow external ducting, enabling the unit to be enclosed in a confined space.

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