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Warm and cocooning bathrooms

Warm and cocooning bathrooms

The latest bathroom trend is to experiment with new materials and colours, which adds decorative elements to the bathroom and creates a unique and personalised look. Consumers want their bathroom to harmonise better with the rest of their home, which translates to bolder designs for wallcoverings, textured surfaces, more bronze and copper, wider use of solid surfacing, as well as more furniture in soft greys and woodgrains. Homebuyers tend to look for key pieces that are selectively used for design interest, for example, a focal point vanity unit or luxury freestanding bath, but the move is definitely towards a warmer, cocooning style.

They who build responsibly, build sustainably. This is why Geberit has always devoted itself to comprehensively sustainable products that meet the highest standards, thus providing innovative system solutions for sustainable building.

The globally operating Geberit Group is a European leader in the field of sanitaryware products. Geberit operates as an integrated group with a very strong local presence in most European countries, providing unique added value when it comes to sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics.

Pressing ahead with Profipress G

Traditionally, copper pipes for gas services were either hard or soft soldered or used compression fittings, depending on the application and medium. However, the evolution of press connecting technology developed by market leader, Viega, over the past 20 years, offers a more practical, safe and fast alternative.

The Profipress G is flexible and stable, gives you up to 50% faster installation rate and guaranteed safety, is a single compact press tool, and eliminates fire hazards by providing an enhanced processing safety, particularly compared to soldering. As pressing involves no open flame, and so poses no fire hazard, no fire safety measures are needed. Consequently, press-connected pipes can often even be installed in explosive industrial environments without interrupting production operations.

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Single phase instant water heater

The DHE SLi available through Stiebel Eltron SA

The DHE SLi available through Stiebel Eltron SA fully electronic instantaneous water heater with LCD screen is a real star for your bathroom or any industry that requires exact temperature settings.

Sensors measure the inlet temperature, outlet temperature and flow rate. This ensures accurate temperature delivery. This process is totally automatic and not noticed by the user, especially when several draw-off points need to be supplied at once. There is no need to add cold water. This means that only the actual power required is used, resulting in high efficiency.

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A game changer for stainless steel piping systems

Safer, faster and easier to install, Victaulic launches the StrengThin 100 mechanical piping system, further maximising the efficiencies of choosing thin wall stainless steel pipe.

The StrengThin 100 system will revolutionise thin wall stainless steel pipe joining, as contractors can still benefit from the efficiencies of using thin wall stainless steel pipe on their mechanical systems without the risks associated with welding.

The StrengThin 100 system consists of a galvanised rigid coupling, featuring Victaulic propriety installation-ready technology. The coupling is rated up to 16 bar and suitable for temperatures ranging from -34°C to +121°C. The rest of the system includes a full line of stainless steel, lightweight fittings and valves. The system also makes use of a brand new pipe groove profile, which creates coupling engagement without the risk of pipe flare.

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Love your feet

The CuPedis bathroom mat available through Copper Tubing Africa ensures that your feet make contact with a fungal-buster and stop re-infection of athlete’s foot. It continuously kills bacteria, it never wears out and it’s safe to use. The product is available in copper or copper/nickel alloy (silver in colour).

For more information contact 0027 (0)11 615 7193

Solution for tight spaces

Plasson Line 87 from Incledon

Plasson Line 87 from Incledon is a solution for the installation of 110 mm HDPE piping underground in tight and hard-to-reach places.

Manufactured in accordance with SANS 14236: 2003 specifications, the Plasson Line 87 range features a revolutionary seal system. The seal compresses when the nut is tightened, ensuring a hassle-free, water-tight system. There is no contact with the seal during insertion of the pipe, which means that the pipe slips in easily until it makes contact with the centre register.

Plasson Line 87 fittings make it particularly easy to join HDPE pipes in confined areas in underground mining. A Plasson wrench is used to simply tighten the fitting once the pipe has been properly inserted.

For more information contact 0027 (0)11 323 0800

Promotes PVC recycling

Ultrapipe from DPI Plastics features a multi-layered construction engineered to deliver all the attributes of a world-class sewer pipe while promoting the use of recycled PVC.

Ultrapipe utilises ‘skins’ manufactured from virgin PVC material. However, the foamed core is manufactured from recycled PVC. The skins cover the core and are in contact with the effluent and surrounding environment.

PVC is the most popular material for sewer pipes worldwide due to its high strength and stiffness, toughness, low cost, ease of installation, chemical resistance and full system availability of pipes and fittings.

Ultrapipe is available in the popular size range of 110mm up to 250mm. It is supplied with integral sockets and rubber seals, or can be joined by solvent welding, providing leak-free restrained joints.

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