BMW saves energy with solar vacuum tubes

By: Joanne Taylor — senior staff writer

BMW has embarked on many energy-saving projects to reduce their global carbon footprint and the solar thermal collector field at its Rosslyn part is one of their initiatives

BMW South Africa embarked on introducing energy-saving technologies at its Rosslyn plant, north of Pretoria. The reason was to reduce the vehicle manufacturing plant’s reliance on the conventional carbon-based, non-renewable energy source. Various interventions have been implemented by BMW engineers and designers to reduce the consumption of their products – the vehicles – and the same ideals are being extended to a number of their fabrication plants around the world.

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Hotel Verde: the greenest of them all

From a geothermal heat pump installation to grey water recycling and a drip irrigation system, the wet services aspect of ‘Africa’s greenest hotel’ contributed a great deal to the sustainable reputation of Hotel Verde

Aptly named Hotel Verde – ‘verde’ meaning green in Italian – ‘Africa’s greenest hotel’ forms part of the BON Hotels Group and it is conveniently situated just 400m from Cape Town International Airport and within close proximity of the city’s central business and shopping districts. But, what makes it unique is the length to which the team has gone to minimise the hotel’s carbon footprint, from (under) the ground up.

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ABSA Towers refurbishment, more than expected

ABSA Towers North Refurbishment proved to be a bigger, much more interesting project than initially envisioned, with a whole new heating system being added to the scope of supply

The upgrade of Absa Towers North (ATN) was triggered by the restructuring of Absa’s deployment strategy of employees within the bank in 2011. This lead to ATN being required to house more staff than in the past. As part of this upgrade, Absa instructed the professional team that ATN must meet with the National Building Regulations (NBRs).

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