IAPMO opens testing and certification facility for Indonesia

By Mike Flenniken

IAPMO officials recently visited Indonesia in support of the nationwide effort to implement SNI 8153:2015.

A group of senior IAPMO officials, led by CEO Russ Chaney, travelled to Indonesia in May to celebrate the grand opening of PT IAPMO Group Indonesia’s state-of-the-art laboratory and certification office. They also participated in events aimed at advancing the country’s newly adopted national plumbing standard, SNI 8153:2015 – Plumbing Systems for Buildings.

The May 18 ceremony was held during the third annual Water for Indonesia Now (WIN) Celebrates Indonesian Plumbing Systems Standardisation at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta in Indonesia.

The facility will offer testing and certification services for plumbing product manufacturers in support of SNI 8153:2015, parts of which were based on IAPMO’s Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC®). Indonesia released SNI 8153:2015 on 18 March 2015 as part of the nation’s World Plumbing Day celebration. SNI 8153:2015 will be included in the water conservation guidelines of GREENSHIP rating systems, which is a Green Building Council Indonesia programme.

“We’re certainly delighted that the IAPMO Group has completed a three-year effort in collaboration with both the US and Indonesian governments to assist Indonesia in creating enhanced public health and safety provisions via the creation of a world-class plumbing code,” Chaney said. “We were very pleased to have received excellent co-operation and support from the BSN, which is Indonesia’s national standards body. We look forward to beginning the testing and certification of plumbing products, which will facilitate compliance with the new requirements contained in the new BSN national plumbing standard.”

Prof. Dr Ir. Bambang Prasetya, MSc, chair of BSN, said he was thrilled that the partnership between BSN and IAPMO continues to progress so productively; first with the release of the standard, and now the testing laboratory and certification facility, which he said would continue to build synergy with all stakeholders.

“The establishment of this facility supports the implementation of SNI 8153:2015, because without it manufacturers would not be able to test and evaluate to the standard,” he said. “Furthermore, the seminar held during the event advanced public awareness between our industry as the user, government as the regulator, and the laboratory as the operator. I hope the training programme can be implemented soon and look forward to our partnership with IAPMO continuing to enhance the plumbing industry in Indonesia.”

Prof. Dr Ir. Arief Sabarudin, CES, head of the Centre of Research and Development (R&D) of Human Settlements as well as the Agency for R&D of the Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlements of the Republic of Indonesia, said, “We are hoping that today’s activities can support the implementation process of SNI 8153:2015 – Plumbing Systems for Buildings. It should also provide the maximum benefits for fulfilling people’s needs towards good plumbing systems that support health and safety, including peace of mind during the construction of buildings. In addition, this standard should become mandatory in conjunction with the Indonesian Law Number 20, Year 2014 (Undang-Undang Indonesia No. 20, Tahun 2014) regarding standardisation and conformity assessment (specifically clause 24).”

Brian McFeeters, deputy chief of mission from the US Embassy, also attended the grand opening. “The US Embassy is proud to be part of this launch, as US companies have a lot to offer to support this new environmentally friendly plumbing standard. I would also like to congratulate BSN, IAPMO, and the Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlements on their valuable efforts in supporting water conservation and health in building systems, as well as today’s opening of the testing lab and certification office in Bekasi. We look forward to providing ongoing support to the government of Indonesia’s efforts to gain the adoption of this standard, to ensure that all plumbing products and their installation benefit Indonesia and its quest for safe and healthy water.”

Executive vice-president of R&T Lab, Ken Wijaya, who heads the IAPMO Group’s testing programme in the US, said, “This facility, which is the first one dedicated to testing and certification of plumbing products in Indonesia, was established to support the implementation effort of SNI 8153:2015, as well as to assist in promoting the health and safety of Indonesian citizens through good plumbing systems.”

Shirley Dewi, senior vice-president of quality assurance and client services for IAPMO R&T, said IAPMO would continue working with Indonesian officials to promote standardisation, with the goal of bringing clean, safe water and reliable sanitation to everybody in Indonesia.

“The opening of the lab and certification office in Cikarang-Bekasi truly shows IAPMO’s commitment to the Republic of Indonesia, and is an essential part of that effort,” she said.

The day before the grand opening, IAPMO held an invitation-only gathering at the new facility, which included a ribbon cutting and a special tour. BSN’s Prasetya attended, as did a representative from the Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlements, Ir. Nurhasanah Sutjahjo, MM, and US Embassy commercial officer, Julie Carducci. Chaney, Wijaya, and Dewi represented IAPMO.

The grand opening celebrations weren’t the only major events that took place during the trip.

On 23 May, IAPMO and Dinas Cipta Karya dan Tata Ruang Provinsi Jawa Tengah (the Central Java Province of City Planning) held an event to train 18 people on how to implement SNI 8153:2015 in the field. Wijaya, along with Sutjahjo and Atang Sarbini, the representatives from the Centre of Research and Development of the Ministry of Public Works and Human Settlements, provided the training.

“IAPMO is committed to providing plumbing education and training for SNI 8153:2015, to give officials and professionals throughout Indonesia the necessary tools to be able to read, understand, interpret, engage, and apply provisions of the new standard,” Wijaya said.

The following day, officials from IAPMO and Dinas Kebersihan dan Pertamanan Kota Semarang (Agency of Cleanliness and Parks for the City of Semarang) attended the official ceremony to present the first public restroom built specifically based on SNI 8153:2015 in Parang Kusumo Tlogosari Park in the city of Semarang, Central Java province. Dewi handed over the key to the public restroom and signed the ‘prasasti’ stone on IAPMO’s behalf. Wijaya and IAPMO Indonesia sales representatives Umi Fadilla and Fadjar Sukotjo also attended, as did Budi Prakosa, the head of City Park Divisions; Sutjahjo and Sarbini; and representatives from the local regional authorities.

The project is intended to serve as a template for standardisation that can be replicated. IAPMO provided the technical expertise and assisted with the necessary funding to ensure the initial location’s success. IAPMO staff worked with the Indonesian government to identify the appropriate location for the project, set the timeline, and select the contractors.

“We are excited to be working with the Indonesian government on this project,” Dewi said. “As buildings continue to be constructed utilising SNI 8153:2015, the health and safety of more and more Indonesian residents will be protected through improved access to clean, safe water and sanitation.”

Both corporate social responsibility projects seek to strengthen the relationship between IAPMO and the Indonesian government to enhance their support for the needs of the Indonesian plumbing and sanitation industry, and aid in the development of Indonesia’s national standards for health, safety, and the environment.


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