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The community is our classroom

By Sam Dubizana

A good tradesperson is one who is well prepared and never makes the same mistakes twice.

Plumbing is one area where this specifically applies. It is a highly skilled area based on traditional practises and basic values. These are influenced by the application and the use of modern day materials with present day tools and equipment to protect the sanitation of the community.

The formal education of plumbers is also of vital importance and, of course, has to be refreshed constantly. This is not only to maintain an awareness of traditional techniques and basic principles involved, but also to give an understanding of amended relevant rules, regulations and techniques as a result of ongoing changes within the industry.

In an effort to maintain training consistency within the industry, we have recently commenced with the new Occupational Certificate: Plumber SAQA ID 91782.

The main benefits of this qualification are that it offers the learner an opportunity to be recognised as a National Qualified Artisan with well-structured, relevant and current competencies. In addition, it provides access to entrepreneurial opportunities within the construction environment.

A qualified learner will be able to do the following:

This qualification also requires the following work experience modules:

Community plumbing is our workplace experience module and classroom to fulfil the requirements of SAQA, QCTO and NAMB external assessments.

The skills and the knowledge gained in this formative part of the learner’s career form a solid foundation for their lifelong learning path.


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