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Living a happier, more fruitful life (Part 3)

By: Michael Young

Part 3: Overcoming that dreaded four letter word called ‘FEAR’

Fear is one emotion that is difficult to control. It is something that we have all been born with to protect us from harm. Let me ask: how many of you would climb up a cliff to follow a herd of wild animals?

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Are you afraid of ‘No’?

By: Paul du Toit – regular contributor

Learning to say ‘no’ is an important skill that can help aid communication and which has many benefits, both for the salesperson and the customer

A pool company commissioned an online sales campaign generating fresh leads that were forwarded to their sales team according to area. Leads were allocated to sales folk in their designated areas. However, failure to convert that lead within a month resulted in that lead being re-allocated. The process was that an appointment would be made and the potential customer would be visited. Part of the process was to discuss where on the property the pool should be situated. Favourable payment terms would be discussed and a deal struck. It was not a particularly difficult sale since a swimming pool adds value to a property and therefore enhanced the asset rather than being an ‘expense’.

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The next generation of advanced engineers

By: Michael Young – regular contributor

Part 4: Step-by-step guide that can save lives

We spend our daily lives performing the same mundane tasks without even realising that we make hundreds of decisions every day. Some decisions are made consciously, while others are made subconsciously.

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How to earn CPD points

Continuing professional development (CPD) plays a vital role in keeping professional plumbers up to date and obtaining new skills. This boosts the plumber's knowledge and reduces the chance of such a plumber having the 'wool pulled over their eyes' by suppliers with new - fangled and untested products and systems on the market.

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