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Kwikot training

By: Joanne Taylor – senior staff writer

The Kwikot Training Centre in Benoni offers three main courses to the plumbing industry to assist individuals with their continuous professional development (CPD) and for companies and installers to remain abreast of the latest products in the market.

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Learning tools for pipe inspectors

New plastics welding inspection learning programme launched

Plastics SA’s Training Division has launched a brand new learning programme for thermoplastic welding inspectors or future inspectors who need to know more about the criteria for proper inspection of plastics fabrication welded joints.

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What is Continuous Professional Development or CPD?

CPD can be defined as the systematic maintenance, improvement, and broadening of knowledge and skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of
professional and technical duties throughout a person’s plumbing career.

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PIRB policy on Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

The Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) is responsible to maintain and effectively administrate a live and updated registration system and database of all active plumbing practitioners within South African.

PIRB registered persons are required to acquire new and updated levels of knowledge and skills that will not only add measurable benefits to the practice of plumbing compliant with mandatory national standards and regulations, but also enhance and promote professional integrity of the plumbing industry.

In addition to maintaining their own competence, the registered person should strive to contribute to the advancement and promotion of the plumbing industry, and to the profession in general.

In terms of the National Qualifications Framework Act (Act 67 of 2008), the PIRB is charged to promote the protection of the public from malpractice related to the fulfilment of the professional duties and responsibilities of professionals registered with them as well as encourage social responsibility and accountability within the professions relating to professional services communities and individuals.

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