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Company Profile - BrightServe Plumbing

Plumbing Profile - BrightServe Plumbing

When did BrightServe Plumbing start? 

07 Jan 2019

By whom and who is/are the directors now?

Dean Cane, owner & director. 

 DSF2095 EditDean Cane, owner & director.

How many plumbers/teams does BrightServe employ?

(learners/appys, qualified and licensed plumbers. Currently 3 people including me. 1 x licensed plumber & 2 x technical assistant practitioners (PIRB designation). One with 5 years experience and the other with 12 years experience

What is the main activity? 

Maintenance and/or contracting plumbing. Plumbing maintenance and repairs.

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What is the philosophy of the company/ what does one attribute to the success of the company to?

Service, Service, Service.

My team and I have made "calling the plumber" a really cool experience. We come when we say we will come & we get the job done quickly, because we really do know our craft. We are a very tech-savvy business which makes us super-duper organised, and that in turn, helps our customers. 

...Oh, and we are really BIG on cleaning up. When we are done, we sprinkle some of our magic dust and we leave your place BRIGHT and clean. You will never know we've been there.

How has the company worked through the Covid-19 period?

We notified our clients very early on as the lockdown got underway with a clear communication. We have been able to work comfortably during the lockdown, as our clients know how seriously we take cleanliness. 


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