CPC 2016 Legacy Project

As we move toward the Community Plumbing Challenge, known as the CPC 2016 Legacy Project, it is fitting that the chairman of the World Plumbing Council, Shayne La Combre, reinforces WPC’s commitment to plumbing and the Legacy Project

World Plumbing Council chair announcement
The Community Plumbing Challenge, established in 2015 is a joint initiative between the WPC, IAPMO and WorldSkills.

It was established with the purpose of working directly with communities to design, produce and install sustainable solutions in response to the problems of water quality and supply and sanitation. The challenge provides education and training opportunities for members of host communities and the participants. The WPC will continue to work to increase its support and participation in this and several other global education and training initiatives such as the Water Innovation Challenge and the WPC’s scholarship programme.

The WPC will use these projects along with new initiatives to advance the following key messages:

  • The importance of access to sanitation and clean drinking water for all.
  • The dangers of asbestos and disastrous effects of lead contamination in plumbing systems on health and wellbeing.
  • The fight against waterborne diseases associated with water supply.

Initiatives such as the Community Plumbing Challenge are the perfect opportunity to highlight these key messages while developing the future leaders of our industry to engage with these issues.b

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