WaterCredit – empowering people

WaterCredit – empowering people

Meet Aisyah. Empowered with access to safe water at home, she changed her world.

Aisyah is a wife, a mother and a farmer. Most critical to all her roles is time. She explainS, “Time to work my rice fields means more money I can make for my family; our life is better.”

A typical day for Aisyah included waking before sunrise to collect water. After several hours of collecting enough for her family’s needs, finally a tired and often frustrated Aisyah made her way to the rice field.

We created WaterCredit for people like Aisyah. WaterCredit helps families in need get access to affordable financing that enables them to pay for home water connections and toilets. A smart solution for a smart business woman like Aisyah, she knew water at home meant more time to work. With these benefits in view, she confidently approached taking a loan to construct her very own water tap. Now the obstacle between Aisyah and time to work has been removed.

Courtesy water.org

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