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By Rory Macnamara

We take another look at the present issue of testing and certification in South Africa.

In the March issue of Plumbing Africa, we published the responses from SATAS and AENOR regarding the certification and testing scenario in South Africa. The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) had not responded at the time, but we now publish the full Q&A incorporating the responses from Ian Plaatjes, the executive: corporate services at the SABS, to ensure nothing is lost in ‘transit’, followed by the response from JASWIC.

Editor’s comment
Central to the whole accreditation, testing, and certification issue is JASWIC, who did request an extension in responding since they only meet every quarter. Due to April having many public holidays, JASWIC’s reply appears in this issue of Plumbing Africa

JASWIC serves the municipal water service engineers who rely heavily on the listing; hence, JASWIC plays a critical role in recognising compliant product. ¬

1. Is there an acceptance that the standard term should be SANS (South African National Standard)?
Yes, SANS is the acronym for South African National Standards, developed by the SABS through international principles of standards development.

2. If no, please explain?
Not applicable.

3. Leading on from question 1, can we state that the testing authority will use, for example, SANS 10252 approved with the testing authority’s name?
The test laboratory can only issue a test report aligned to the relevant SANS requirements to which the tests have been conducted. A test report is not an approval of the product to SANS. Product approval is administered through the SABS Product Certification Scheme (SABS Mark of Approval).

For a full report see Plumbing Africa’s June 2017 issue. (Coming soon)


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