Drawing the lion

Even the wildlife is getting territorial about water…

As South Africa swelters under the worst drought in 100 years and people try their best (sometimes…) to conserve this valuable commodity, our four-legged friends are also on a water conservation drive.

To lighten all the dire news around droughts and water usage, this video posted on the Daily Mail website will hopefully bring a smile to your face.

It shows a brave young elephant bull chasing off a pride of lions from a watering hole.

Filmed here in South Africa, the video captures the moment that a young bull chased two lionesses away from the banks of the river, near a watering-hole.

He then turns his attention to a cowardly male, skulking in the bush and makes his way towards the feline, which saunters off rather than flees.

Face-saving is what it’s all about.

Talking saving, water conservation remains top-of-mind here in South Africa.

More drought
The City of Cape Town tweeted this photo of the drought-stricken Western Cape and urged water consumers to not use more water when it rains.
Image: @CityofCT on Twitter

With one of the mildest winters on the Highveld, those in the know say that portents are for a dry summer and indeed, the SA Weather Service has warned that temperatures continue to rise globally as climate change continues to impact weather patterns.

Cape Town remains in the news as the City once again exceeds its allocated 87ℓ of water per person a day, while the SA Weather Services says that there is only about a 30% chance of rainfall this week.

Despite the City of Cape Town urging its residents to practice water conservation #ThinkWaterCT and threatening to further restrict usage, The Weekend Argus on Sunday 30 July, reported that the City’s residents were exceeding the daily collective usage target of 500Mℓ a day.

Provincial spokesperson, James-Brent Stayn, warned that the average dam levels for the province were at 26% and the City continues to look for alternative ways to provide water.


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