Why attend conferences?

The web offers us so many ways to find information and meet people. We use our desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones to instantly connect, share, tweet and to research. But a host of reasons exist as to why we should attend events and conferences.

1. Renew your passion for what you do

Events are stimulating. Many of the top minds of your industry are gathered in the same place at the same time. They create an energy that you should be around. Getting out and hearing from people who are doing what you do, and differently, can go far to reignite your enthusiasm. In The 7 habits of highly effective people, Stephen R Coveysays we should“sharpen the saw”. This means enhancing the greatest asset you have: you. It means having a balanced programme for renewing yourself to create growth and change in your life.

2. Meet online colleagues and industry players face to face

We may all develop good professional connections using digital technology today. Yet, there’s something powerful about meeting your online contacts face to face to strengthen those relationships. Of course, you’ll meet new ones. This can serve you and your company well in future.

3. Learn about trends in the field

Conferences specialise in compelling subject matter and first‑rate speakers for their sessions. Attending the event and learning about the latest trends and how they’re being used in your industry boosts your knowledge, and gives you something of value to bring back (and possible apply) to your own work.

4. Assess new vendors

Most professional conferences include vendors whose raison d’être is to connect with you and inform you about their latest offerings. You may find new tools you were unaware of.

5. Develop ideas for content

As communicators, we are often tasked with developing marketing and public relations content for our businesses and clients. In addition to providing educational value, conference sessions can spark new ideas for content.

6. Make connections with industry media

Effective marketing, public relations and social media campaigns are built with strong relationships. Making connections with industry media can be invaluable. You never know when you may be a resource for them, which in turn can make it easier to place stories and build buzz when you need to.

7. Get out of the rat race

When you’re with your “tribe” (meaning, those in your field), you should relax and have fun while you are taking in new ideas. Getting away from your day‑to‑day life is refreshing, allowing you to return with renewed enthusiasm.


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