LAG is not lagging behind!

LAG is not lagging behind!

By Rob Stewart, chairman of the Legionella Action Group

It has been an eventful year for the Legionella Action Group (LAG) and for legionnaires’ disease (LD) in South Africa.

Let me note the highlights that have made up what we could term a “more year” for LD in South Africa.

During 2016:
• More members were added to LAG and this resulted in more networking, and now LAG is in a better position than ever to assist in the investigation of a possible LD outbreak;
• More cases of LD were reported in South Africa than in previous years;
• More site investigations were conducted than in previous years; and
• More awareness was created as a result.

“Perhaps it is just a matter of time.”

Other highlights:

• A travel-associated cluster investigation in a hotel in Cape Town;
• The first possible case of human-to-human transmission of LD in Europe;
• The NICD/South African LD guidelines were released; and
• A team from LAG attended the ELDSNet and ESGLI conferences (feedback was shared at the last LAG meeting).

What does the future hold for LD in South Africa?
It is possible that the current growth in interest, understanding and networking will eventually result in the first major LD outbreak in South Africa to be properly investigated and documented. Perhaps it is just a matter of time.

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