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Noise and its measurement (Part 2)

By: Valsir

In part 2 of this series on noise pollution, we look at the measurement of noise

Noise is one of the primary causes of the reduction in the quality of life in cities nowadays. In fact, although the tendency in individual environments shows a fall in the highest levels of noise in areas at greater risk, there has been a parallel amplification of trouble areas that has resulted in the increase of the population exposed.

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Noise in waste systems

By: Valsir

Noise pollution is currently the most widely debated argument and is one of the main causes of the decline in the quality of life in cities today

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Hydraulics of PVC Pipe


A comparison of the hydraulic characteristics of PVC and older technology materials, in both pressure and drainage applications

One of the key performance advantages of a PVC piping system is its glass-like internal finish. This hydraulically smooth surface means that PVC systems can cut friction losses and increase flows for a given pipe size. These hydraulic benefits apply to both pressure and gravity flow applications and have been proven through extensive research and field testing.

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Black water in Singapore

We take a look at the cause of the appearance of black sediments from the water supply in western parts of Singapore and the processes involved in removing them

*Extracted from the World Health Organisation’s Water Safety in Distribution Systems.

From 1982 to 1983, there were numerous complaints by customers from the western parts of Singapore (Choa Chu Kang water supply zone) regarding black sediments found in their water.

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