Water-wise women (Part 2)

By: Kelly-Ann Prinsloo – writer

Plumbing Africa continues the discussion with ladies of the industry about the challenges they have faced and the experience they have gained in their respective journeys through the plumbing industry

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Water safety plans

By: Andrew ‘Andy’ Camphausen

We look at the importance of water safety plans and of creating lasting plumbing infrastructure that will bring water to the people for generations to come

I just received the July 2015 edition of Plumbing Africa. Whilst perusing this periodical, it came to my attention that it is filled with articles regarding the looming water crisis in South Africa. Many specialists in the water field have given their opinions on how to combat this crisis in the different articles.

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Basic principles of safe drinking water supply

Basic principles of safe drinking water supply

By: Andrew (Andy) Camphausen

The three primary aims of a good plumbing system are to supply safe drinking water in adequate quantities, to remove liquid wastes and to minimise the risk of failure through vigilance and quality assurance.

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Water auditing – a practical example

By: Andrew Camphausen

The bill was almost 200 kilo-liters per month and the water bill is in the range of R65 000. That is a huge amount of water and the subsequent bill is really outrageous.

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Show us the numbers!

By: Mike Muller

It can be embarrassing to get up in front of an audience and make a strong statement only to be immediately contradicted. That happened to me at a few weeks ago, at the launch of the South African Local Government Association (SALGA)’s fund to reduce water losses.

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Joburg’s lady plumbers

Women in plumbing

Soweto’s Plumbing Academy produces many fine plumbers and construction workers, a good percentage of which are women.

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