Journey of water

By: World Wildlife Fund

The World Wildlife Fund took a journey across KwaZulu-Natal to show the country where its water-rich areas are and how to preserve them

In 2013, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) South Africa, through a partnership with Sanlam, launched the Journey of Water campaign. A highlight of this campaign is the Journey of Water walk, which sees journalists, celebrities, radio DJs and activists take a 100km walk through South Africa’s most water-rich areas.

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SA’s future water crisis linked to the current energy crisis

By: Trevor Blench (chairman of Steenkampskraal Thorium Limited)

Electricity power will soon be needed to produce clean water and it seems South Africa is in for a rocky ride

Within 35 years, South Africa will be short of fresh water, which will be linked to the energy crisis. The preferred way to address this is through desalination. However, unless the energy crisis is addressed, South Africa is destined for long-term power and water shortages, primarily because power will be need to produce clean water.

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Re-using water: again and again

By: Sue Matthews for the Water Research Commission

The Water Research Commission investigates the processes involved in reclaiming drinking water from wastewater

What do Beaufort West residents, Bill Gates and the International Space Station's astronauts have in common? It sounds like the setup of a corny joke, but in all seriousness the answer is that they have all consumed 'reclaimed' water that has been produced by removing all the impurities in treated wastewater to ensure it meets drinking water quality standards.

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Smart water meters benefits all

By: Kelly-Ann Prinsloo – writer

We take a look at smart water metering technology and how it can benefit both residents and the municipalities in which they live

In an Eastern Cape town, smart water metering technology has contributed to a reduction of water leaks and wastage, as well as ensured an increase in revenue for the municipality.

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Benefits of leak detection

South Africa loses R7 billion in revenue annually because of water leaks. That figure is devastating enough without adding it to the fact that we are currently in the middle of a water crisis.

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The War on Leaks: arresting SA’s annual yearly water loss

As a water-scarce country, South Africa is facing several water challenges, not least of which is the inefficient use of water and, even more worrying, losses as a result of leaks. Nonrevenue water – all the water lost through physical leakage or other commercial losses – is currently estimated to be as high as 37%, with losses attributed to physical leakages estimated to comprise a quarter of that figure.

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