Student plumbers’ expectation of plumbing industry

By Sam Dubazana

Many youngsters today dream of becoming plumbers; sadly, the industry itself appears to be one of their biggest stumbling blocks.

The following questions were posed to a group of plumber learners as part of their assessment. Their answers are quite insightful.

What is a young person expecting to achieve in the plumbing industry?

To be self-employed and create jobs for the country.

What did you know about the industry before you started with your studies?

What I knew about plumbing was that a plumber repairs leaking pipes, unblocks drains, and does the dirty jobs.

Why did you choose this industry now?

Working with a plumber, I saw the opportunity and did my investigation about the industry. I discovered that work and opportunities to be self-employed are available.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career as a plumber?

I would like to start my own company.

What should the industry do to enable you to achieve your goals in plumbing?

The industry needs to create opportunities for student plumbers to gain experience and knowledge.


The plumbing industry is expected to assist every young person who wants to become a plumber by providing appropriate training, workplace training, and good mentors.

This is the challenge to the plumbing industry, and it is disappointing to see that the industry and its stakeholders are unable to provide career guidance and assistance to these young people.

Plumbing companies need to promote the plumbing profession, and the qualification should be recognised and endorsed to facilitate the employment of qualified plumbers. 

I am proposing and inviting all stakeholders to join me in promoting the plumbers in your companies in Plumbing Africa.

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