An organisation exists to serve its members.

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Whilst it also does work as an influencer at various levels such as government, NGO’s and such; it achieves success by knowing what its members’ needs are, what their views are, what troubles them, how the organisation improve and so on.

The 2023 IOPSA survey is out and it is critical that plumbers fill it in and return it as quickly as possible, as this forms part of their planning and direction. It also provides ideas and guidance for the regions.

Sure, this is a busy time of the year, but it will not take long to click on the questionnaire, fill it in and send it back. The questionnaire appears as a stand-alone online, as well as a product blast to go out next week. Non-members can participate as well, as it provides IOPSA with a broader perspective of our industry.

So ladies and gentlemen please do the survey, and thank you in advance for doing it. You have no idea how it helps.