The Ehlanzeni District Municipality, in collaboration with the Public-Private Growth Initiative (PPGI), is pleased to announce the successful launch of a plumbing training program in partnership with the Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA) under the District Development Model. The two-day training program took place from 28 to 29 June 2023 at the Thaba Chweu Local Municipality.

Image supplied by Ehlanzeni district municipality

Image supplied by Ehlanzeni district municipality

The training program, which was held under the infrastructure work stream, aimed to equip participants with essential plumbing skills and knowledge to enhance the district’s overall development. A total of 30 participants, carefully selected from the district, had the opportunity to engage in comprehensive training sessions delivered by industry experts and professionals in the plumbing sector.

The launch event was graced by the presence of esteemed guests and key representatives from various organisations. Honourable councillor Phazamisa Mathe, the technical services MMC, and general managers, D Malokela (technical services) and S Tibane (strategic planning and social services), along with Mr. L Nkosi, senior manager under Economic Planning and Development, Mr Botha (IOPSA) and Legal Services, Ms Nombuso Mabuza attended the event, representing the Ehlanzeni District Municipality.

During the training sessions, participants actively participated in hands-on exercises, theoretical lectures, and practical demonstrations, which were designed to enhance their understanding of plumbing principles, techniques, and best practices. The program covered a wide range of topics, including pipe installation, maintenance, water management, and adherence to plumbing regulations.

Additionally, discussions on the existing by-laws related to plumbing in the municipality took place, aiming to ensure that all plumbing activities within the district adhere to the prescribed standards and regulations. These discussions emphasised the importance of proper plumbing practices in maintaining the district’s infrastructure integrity, conserving resources, and ensuring public health and safety.

The partnership between the Ehlanzeni District Municipality, PPGI, and IOPSA underscores the commitment to foster public-private collaborations to drive sustainable economic growth and development in the district. By investing in training and capacity-building initiatives like this plumbing program, the municipality aims to empower its residents with valuable skills, create employment opportunities, and enhance the overall quality of life for its citizens.

The Ehlanzeni District Municipality extends its appreciation to PPGI and IOPSA for their support and partnership in making this training program a reality. The municipality remains committed to leveraging such collaborations to further promote economic development, infrastructure improvement, and skill empowerment within the district.