Hydrogen is a very hot topic in the UK. Rory Macnamara, director and editor of Plumbing Africa Journal attended the “is hydrogen heating happening” debate at the InstallerSHOW, where differing opinions were raised.

Much work is already being done insofar as hydrogen safety is concerned, but the single critical issue remaining is that installers MUST be upskilled and trained, because this technology is dangerous in the hands of an unskilled person.

The UK government has announced funding and the intention is to only sell hydrogen-ready boilers from 2026. The first pilot project, using 100% boilers in inhabited homes, launched in the Netherlands and similar trials are planned for the UK soon.

Concern was expressed about training and getting installers ready for this transition. At this stage, there are more questions than answers. Heat pumps still dominate the market, so the main question now is how the industry will convince consumers to switch to another technology when the existing one is already highly efficient.

Two clear conclusions came out of the hydrogen debate at the InstallerSHOW:

  • Hydrogen is a long way off.
  • A mixture of different technologies will be around for some time.

Clearly, the installer must be aware of all of them in the interest of the consumer.