By Rory Macnamara

It is time for the PTE again, which will be held in two important areas on two separate days.

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We are adopting another successful formula in the Plumbing Travelling Exhibition concept: hosting two exhibitions in one week.

The first exhibition is for the East Rand area on 3 October 2023 at Laerskool Westwood in Boksburg, off Atlas Road. This places us in the middle of the East Rand hub – one of the most active plumbing areas in Gauteng, due to the building developments and refurbishing taking place within it..

On 5 October 2023 we will be in Johannesburg North at Marks Park, providing the opportunity for the North to benefit from the exhibition, where there is also huge plumbing activity.

The two locations are relatively close to one another in comparison to our past exhibitions. The ideas behind the two-in-one are convenience, the ability to attend one exhibition if the other is missed, and most importantly, reduced travel time around the whole of Johannesburg as we understand that the area is large, and plumbers cannot be expected to travel from one end to another.

From a cost point of view, hosting the two exhibitions in one week offers less costs than if the exhibitions were to be hosted individually.

Appreciating that this aspect of the PTE is new to the industry, the main benefits include showing that we care for the plumbers serving in those areas and breaking up the areas to penetrate their markets.

Plumbers and business owners have been appreciative of these events in the past with positive results coming out of them for the exhibitors.

In addition to the IOPSA talks, we will be introducing a speaker who will address the topics of business management, software and running a business.