By David Smith

Due to the success of our previous Plumbing Apprentices series last year, this year we have been running a new series which continues to share the amazing experiences of women who have entered the plumbing industry. This month we feature Simangele Siphingo from House of Plumbing.

Simangele Siphingo from House of Plumbing, apprentice plumber.

Simangele Siphingo from House of Plumbing, apprentice plumber. Image credit: Supplied by House of Plumbing

What is the best part of being an apprentice plumber?

The best part of being an apprentice plumber is getting to spend time focusing on many aspects of the profession under the guidance of expertly qualified and experienced plumbers. I get to learn about enhanced life skills which include work ethic, attention to detail and independence.

What is the worst part of being an apprentice plumber?

The worst part of being an apprentice plumber is having to deal with questions concerning my capabilities and words of discouragement from both women and men questioning my ability to do the whole plumbing work – whether I am strong or not.

How are you managing the worst part?

I manage the worst part by learning to be persistent no matter how difficult and challenging the situation might be. I always focus on the positive side of things and I also apply a ‘don’t-quit’ approach which enables me to endure when the going gets tough.

What do you believe plumbing is all about?

Plumbing is all about installing, repairing and maintaining pipes, valves, fittings, drainage systems and fixtures in different structures. It is also based on collaborating with different contractors and other construction professionals. Plumbing is an important aspect in our everyday lives.

What will you contribute to plumbing when you qualify?

I will create opportunities for women who may feel apprehensive about entering a field that is traditionally male-dominated, encouraging them that they are just as capable as men when it comes to plumbing. By assisting to help bring change in different communities because plumbing offers greater flexibility and independence.

Who is your employer?

Norcros SA PTY Ltd, a division of House of Plumbing.

Are you a team player?

Yes, I am a team player due to the understanding of my role when it comes to a certain given task by embracing collaboration, being committed to my team members, being flexible, strategic, future-focused and being able to back up my goals with action. I have the ability to compromise, show respect to others and listen to the needs of my team members.

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