By David Smith

Due to the success of our previous Plumbing Apprentices series last year, this year we have been running a new series which continues to share the amazing experiences of women who have entered the plumbing industry. This month we feature Danisa Nkuna from House of Plumbing.

  1. Danisa Nkuna, apprentice plumber.

    Danisa Nkuna, apprentice plumber. Image supplied by House of Plumbing

    What is the best part of being an apprentice plumber?
    I get to see my work plan, try it, test it, and then there’s that moment when I see my tap or drain watertight without leakage and it boosts my confidence in doing this kind of work, even if it is not right you get a chance to redo the whole thing all over again until you get it right. Being given an opportunity, a platform to learn, for me it is more like training, to get my mind exposed to as many scenarios as possible in such a way that nothing will be new when I go out there.

  2. What is the worst part of being an apprentice plumber?
    Having to prove myself that I am able to work as hard as guys on site, getting them to trust me and accept me as part of the team. I have to work extra hard to belong with my team and I am sure by now they have confidence in me. My presence and effort matter to the team I work with.
  3. How are you managing the worst part?
    It’s all about waking up every day and being present – trying to do better than yesterday. Trying it over and over again through experience, you learn and realise it is not that bad. Like having to fix a simple thing like an angle valve more than two times and then realising I have to chop the wall to eliminate the root of the problem. I always put my mind to everything before I do it physically, that way it is easier to deal with any difficult part.
  4. What do you believe plumbing is all about?
    Plumbing is about integrity, pride, reliability, consistency and trust. It’s about knowing what needs to be done and doing it right even when no one is watching, as well as knowing what you want, the requirements and what not to settle for. I always say that I will only use SABS approved materials just to protect my name and my brand as they will be reliable, making my work reliable as well. It’s also about being available to play my part whenever needed and putting more effort in each and every time.
  5. What will you contribute to plumbing when you qualify?
    To show the value of being a qualified plumber, I will make sure the difference between a qualified plumber with passion for plumbing and ‘just a plumber’ shows through my own work. I will not work on quantity but quality, making sure my work says ‘Danisa’ on it.
  6. Who is your employer?
    House of Plumbing.
  7. Are you a team player? 
    Yes, I believe in teamwork where all team members share equal responsibility and shifting of roles – that way each team member understands their role and what it can contribute to the success of our team. PA
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