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The countdown has begun!

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The first Plumbing Travelling exhibition (PTE) takes place on Thursday 12 May at the Lowveld High School.

PTE Mpumalanga - 12 May 2022

Having just returned from Nelspruit to tie up any loose ends, one can only be humbled by the enthusiasm and excitement for both the travelling concept on a neutral base as well as seeing a plumbing exhibition in their city.

The growth in Nelspruit has been phenomenal and it must be one of the cleanest cities in SA as well as hugely active in residential, commercial, and industrial development.

Register to visit the expo here

Credit to the merchants who have fully supported the event; the municipality which has committed to visiting; and the exhibitors, who have taken a leap of faith for this new exhibition concept for the plumbing industry. What makes PTE so different is it is not a ‘roadshow’ to promote individual agendas, but is a properly equipped and run exhibition, on neutral ground, promoting plumbing technology for those involved in plumbing and water. Credit also to Lowveld High School for their amazing support.

Workshops are run by IOPSA and add value to the plumbers’ learning and knowledge – as do the exhibitors.

We take plumbing technology to “the heart of the area” and invest accordingly in promotion and face to face contact – the same as for a static exhibition but based on a tried and tested formula.

So, as we start the countdown to our first event get ready to see PTE grow with the full backing of Plumbing Africa Journal, the only dedicated print (launched in 1995) and online publication serving plumbing and SA Affordable Housing, the fastest growing building sector. Both publications carry independent audit certificates, circulations one can trust.

We are already planning the 2023 area expos so looking forward to seeing you all soon.