Public space stands as a vital asset in cities’ ability to tackle challenges such as climate change and economic development. By providing green areas, essential amenities, trading opportunities, and safe spaces for social interaction, public space serves as a catalyst for sustainable development.


Join us at the 16th Green Building Convention, taking place 15 – 17 November 2023 at Century City Conference Centre in Cape Town, and unlock the potential of public space at the neighbourhood level with Marcela Guerrero Casas.

Marcela is the co-founder of Local South, a dynamic social enterprise committed to building sustainable and liveable cities in the Global South. With her profound expertise and extensive experience, she has played a pivotal role in shaping the urban landscape in both her hometown of Bogotá, Colombia, and her current base in South Africa. As the former managing director of Open Streets Cape Town (OSCT) and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Council on Mobility, Marcela has consistently demonstrated her commitment to driving positive change in urban environments.

As part of her talk, Marcela will explore the various strategies and innovative interventions that can be employed to maximize the potential of public space, with a particular focus on working collaboratively with communities at the neighbourhood level.

Drawing from her extensive background in policy and advocacy, Marcela will shed light on successful case studies that demonstrate the transformative power of neighbourhood-level engagement. From temporary road closures for economic activities to leveraging the value created through partnerships between local government and the private sector, her insights will empower attendees to take practical steps toward creating vibrant and inclusive urban environments.

Join the transformation conversation at the Green Building Convention and engage with Marcela and our exciting line-up of thought leaders in the industry. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to network with industry professionals, gain valuable insights, and contribute to the global movement for environmentally conscious cities.

Secure your space at Africa’s leading green building gathering. This premier event brings together industry leaders, experts, and change-makers in the field of sustainable development, all focused on creating a better future for people and planet.

Regular registration closes on 10 November 2023.

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