What will the latest trends in plumbing be? We take a look at three trends we think might make an impact this year.

An eco-friendly pod for waste recycling from Kaackai. Supplied by Kaackai

An eco-friendly pod for waste recycling from Kaackai. Supplied by Kaackai

As we kick off a new year, we take a look at upcoming trends that could potentially influence how we work. Things are changing at a rapid rate across the globe, with technology leaping forward on what seems to be a daily basis.

Let’s take a look at what we could possibly expect.

Getting smart

With the advent of smart homes and solutions for smart houses (just take a look at the smart toilet for example) it’s quite possible we may see an increase in smart tech that can report on water usage and water flow. Leak detection is already using sensors on a large scale for municipal work, and it’s quite possible we may see some of that tech being used in the home to allow for early leak detection so that clients can get their repairs done in good time.

Going green

Given the state of water provision in South Africa, a number of plumbing companies have reported an increase in eco-friendly water saving systems and devices. More people are making use of rainwater harvesting to take care of things like watering the garden and washing down the paving on their driveways. It is quite possible we may see an uptick in domestic rainwater harvesting along with more eco friendly ways of waste disposal, such as pods containing waste eating organisms that plug into septic tanks. We may even see more homes enquiring about effective recycling of greywater.

Out with the old

The trend of replacing copper pipes with PEX or PVC continues. Light, easy to install and use, these materials have made strong inroads in the industry.

We are certain that there are dozens of other trends that will pop up during the course of the year and we are excited to see what tech becomes available to the industry.

Source: Plumbambulance and research conducted.