Opt for renewable energy and get your domestic hot water from a DHW heat pump! A fully wired DHW heat pump is a fast, efficient and futureproof DHW heating solution. Basements and utility rooms in particular are often heated passively and unintentionally, whether by a boiler or by electrical appliances that give off a lot of heat. Don’t let this energy go to waste. Your DHW heat pump draws up to 70 % of the energy required for DHW heating from the ambient air. To your gain! The heat fed into the integral cylinder can cover all of your DHW needs in a detached or two-family house.
Our experienced team takes the time to understand not only your injury, but your lifestyle and what you enjoy doing so that we can create a mobility solution that enhances your life every day. Be active, get outdoors, drive, travel, move, rest, be comfortable – whatever you need, we’re here to help you achieve it. Experience a new level of freedom with Chairman Industries’ custom-built wheelchairs designed by experts.
Ian Dickie & Co. (Pty) Ltd was formed by the founder Mr Ian Dickie, in 1962. The Company, based in Cape Town, served the construction industry, holding agencies for the supply of concrete and soil compaction equipment.
JoJo has been making tanks and working for water security for 40 years. Follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page to keep in the loop with SA’s biggest and most trusted supplier of water storage solutions.
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