Electrolux (Kwikot) Industrial’s water heating tanks are being recognised beyond local borders.

Supplied by Electrolux

Supplied by Electrolu

Mines, hotels, lodges and even student accommodations are looking at Electrolux (Kwikot) Industrial’s large water heating tanks for solutions. The tanks range from 500lt to 30 000lt in size and are in demand in places like Mauritius, Angola and Mozambique.

Murray Crow, Electrolux Managing Director (MD) for South Africa, says that the latest green industrial heat tanks efficiently heat water, and use a lot less electricity. It’s this that is making them a popular choice.

“The shift to heat pumps instead of traditional elements has resulted in substantial cost savings on electricity bills for industrial sites,” he says.

The company focuses on the construction of geysers designed with the requirements of diverse industries in mind. If an industry or venue needs large amounts of hot water, the company builds geysers to customer specifications.

“In our team, we’ve cultivated a culture of expertise, and our specialised staff ensures minimal staff turnaround. Our welders and boilermakers are highly qualified, bringing years of experience to their roles,” says Crow.

The company is keen to come up with new ways to heat water, and are regularly engaging with role players to explore new innovations and possibilities.

Source: Electrolux