Gauteng IOPSA plumbers help out Prestigious Primary School in Vanderbijlpark with much-needed bathroom revamp in celebration of World Plumbing Day on 11 March.

Supplied by IOPSA

Supplied by IOPSA

World Plumbing Day was started thirteen years ago by the World Plumbing Council. The day, celebrated on 11 March each year, underscores the vital role that plumbers play in society. Without properly treated water and sanitation, the health of communities would be at risk.

To honour the day and to give back to the communities that they serve, IOPSA members came together around the country to assist others. Gauteng members gathered at Prestigious Primary School (formerly Park Ridge Primary) in Vanderbijlpark, to help restore restrooms that had been damaged through vandalism.

The school had gone through some upheaval. After the vandalism at the school, it had been abandoned for a year and left at the mercy of thieves and squatters.

The school only had two functioning bathrooms that had to cater to 555 learners. During the time the school had been abandoned, copper pipes were stolen and bathrooms had been destroyed. Flushing mechanisms didn’t work, toilet seats were missing and cisterns were damaged.

IOPSA Gauteng came to the rescue on World Plumbing Day with 15 plumbing companies showing up to provide the necessary assistance, and with Plumblink donating the items they needed in order to do their work.

The group of plumbers set about their work, finishing up with having restored six bathrooms so that learners at the school could comfortably make use of the available facilities. This bathroom revamp has added a needed boost to the school’s infrastructure, and morale.

Principal Wilmarie Botha expressed her gratitude to the many plumbers who turned up to help provide learners with quality bathroom facilities.

You can take a look at the photos from the day here [insert link to gallery]

A big thank you to the following plumbing service providers:
Reuben from Plumbcol
Moses from GM Plumbing
Shawn and Wayne from Lokal Plumbers
Sacha from Wessac Enterprises
Louis, Charles and Taurai from Buster Plumbers
Edward, Siboniso and Jabulile from Mellita Trading
Joey Pillay
Duncan from UPP
Gerrie from IOPSA
Matasia, Norah, Amalia, Kenneth, Leyton and Quinton from PlumbLink
Stephen from ST Kungoane Trading