Gerrie Botha was appointed National Training Manager for IOPSA, effective 1 November 2023.

Gerrie Botha: IOPSA National Training Manager

Gerrie Botha: IOPSA National Training Manager Plumbing Africa

Gerrie Botha is a familiar face at IOPSA, Gauteng. He is also a man who is deeply passionate about – and involved with – training as well as the improvement and upliftment of the plumbing industry at large.

“Improving the quality of plumbing services to the consumer can only be achieved by continuously improving the skills of plumbers, learners and aspiring artisans by means of good quality training” Botha says, “We need to ensure that the SA National Standards pertaining to plumbing are being complied with as this is aimed at the protection of the user/consumer of these services.”

Botha sees this position as an opportunity to engage with industry stakeholders, plumbers, training service providers, government departments and local authorities to always promote and encourage compliance. He sees it as a chance to communicate with manufacturers and merchants with a view to develop training material and then make sure that this material is delivered with a view to improve the industry in SA.

“Plumbing, although being thought of as water when a tap is opened or a toilet flushing, is a critical skill needed to ensure the protection of the health of our nation and its survival,” he says, “As we all know, nothing can exist without good quality water and responsible management and maintenance of sanitation services.

Botha says that the year ahead for 2024 poses challenges regarding safe drinking water and sanitation in view of the general poor state of infrastructure nationwide. He says, “The persistence of IOPSA in collaboration with other industry stakeholders in improving the industry and quality service delivery in/by the industry at large will play a big role ensuring that good quality plumbing will be the solution to addressing these challenges in the interest of the consumer and South Africa at large.”