Do you use pipe inspection cameras? Here are five reasons why inspection cameras can help you. | |

Sometimes you just have to see what’s going on in a drain. This is where inspection cameras come in handy. They give the plumber the chance to get some kind of visual on the blockage, clog or perhaps even root intrusion into a pipe.

Here are five really good reasons to get that camera:

  1. Leak detection is made so much easier, and it means the leaks are found without having to wreck a wall or garden.
  2. The exact nature of a blockage can be identified, which will help with how you decide to proceed with repairs. If you have a root intrusion in a pipe, you will know straight away and be able to advise your client accordingly.
  3. You find the exact location of the blockage or leak in a short amount of time. This means cutting out a lengthy exploration – ultimately benefitting both you and your client.
  4. It’s brilliant for routine inspections that can identify possible problems ahead of time, meaning that the repair becomes simple maintenance as opposed to a massive fix later on down the line.
  5. Cameras can also help you see the extent of any damage or blockage. This again will help you, as the plumber, decide the best course of action, bringing peace of mind to both you and your client.

There is a lot more to drain cleaning, repair and inspection than cameras, of course. Look out for our August issue of Plumbing Africa when we take a deep dive into drain cleaning and inspection equipment.


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