By Tanya Olckers

We asked plumbers what they can’t do without when it comes to doing their jobs and living their lives. Three plumbers from Burgess Plumbing provided their insights.

Image supplied by 4045 on Freepik

Image supplied by 4045 on Freepik

We all know that you never mess with a plumber’s tools and that every plumber has that one specific tool that they rely on most. For some it may be a physical tool, a spiritual tool, or philosophy. For others, it may be something completely different. We’ve asked several plumbers what their most valuable tool is – here are their answers.

Daniel Kekana is big fan of the pump pliers and ratchet spanner. “These tools make my life easier because every day we experience different things. It could be taps, or toilets or machines. You really don’t know what you will face tomorrow,” he says.

Mazwi Salulashe rates his gas spanner. “It is everything you need to fit anything,” he says. He also believes another of his tools is his daily fitness practice as he is a marathon runner. And for those moments when he needs an extra pick-me-up, he keeps a bar of chocolate in his toolbox for that much needed energy-kick in the afternoon.

Frans Mokoena is also a big fan of the gas spanner because it can be used in so many areas and for a number of different reasons. However, when asked what the greatest tool in his toolbox is, his answer is simple: “Positivity,” he says and grins widely. “No matter what comes, stay happy and keep smiling. Don’t let anything get to you and always put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Stay positive.”