Technology comes to the bathroom in the form of Bluetooth showerheads.

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Bluetooth technology doesn’t just make life easier when it comes to phones and computers – it can now make shower time a lot easier too.

Bluetooth showerheads, essentially, are regular showerheads that come equipped with integrated Bluetooth speakers so that people can enjoy music or podcasts while they shower. While this sounds like pure entertainment, Bluetooth showerheads deliver so much more.

Many of these showerheads come designed with low flow rates – helping your clients save money and use water more efficiently. Some models even come with temperature control features, which adds to a more comfortable in-shower experience.

With a range of just under 10 metres, phones can be placed a safe distance away from the bathroom while the client enjoys seamless streaming.

A lot of Bluetooth showerheads are equipped with built-in controls so it becomes easier to adjust volume, find your favourite track or even answer calls. Often, they come with long lasting batteries.

More than that, many also come with different spray patterns and even a power wash. Some models also come with a massage setting that delivers a pulsating spray for clients who want to unwind and relax. All it takes to adjust spray patterns is a touch to the shower head.